The following churches cooperate together to minister in the Catawba River Baptist Association. The churches include the following links:

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  • Addresses are links to Google maps locations where you can find directions to/from the church
  • Website – click to go to the church’s website

If you see mistakes that need correction or you have an update, please contact the site admin. Please click here for a printable list of our church addresses that is address label ready (fits Avery label #5160 or #8160).

Church Name Staff Contacts Physical Address Phone Number More Information
Abee’s Grove Baptist Church Rudy Hayes, pastor 654 Abee’s Church Rd Valdese, NC 28690 828-874-2515
Amherst Baptist Church Ernie Wilson,
1024 Amherst Rd. Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address: PO Box 276, Drexel, NC 28619 828-396-2800
Antioch Baptist Church Danny Ward, Interim 2441 Antioch Rd Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-3162
Asheville Street Baptist Church Doug Goforth, pastor 119 Asheville St, Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address:  107 Colony Drive, Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-7255
Bethel Baptist Church Ron Cooper,
interim pastor
3861 Pax Hill Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-438-9272
Bethlehem Baptist Currently without a pastor 7620 Watershed Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-652-0130 Website
Bridge 42 Jason Koon, pastor 107 Calvin Heights St Morganton, NC 28655 828-584-2876 Website
Brookwood Baptist Church Earl Cross, pastor 210 Brookwood Church Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-439-8502
Brown Mountain Baptist Church Luke Gwynn,
2046 Brown Mtn. Rd. Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address:  PO Box 223, Morganton, NC 28680 423-270-9930
Burkemont Baptist Church Luke Lane, pastor 4668 Burkemont Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-2357 Website
Catawba Valley Baptist Church Dean Hart, pastor 706 Lenoir Rd. Morganton, NC 28680  Mailing address: PO Box 1580, Morganton, NC 28680 828-437-9237 Website
Central Baptist Church Thom Hartman, pastor 108 Murphy Court Morganton, NC 28655 828-438-4198
Community Missionary Baptist Tony Land, pastor 807 St. Mary’s Church Rd. Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing Address: PO Box 835, Morganton, NC 28680 828-438-8487
Community of Drexel Baptist Church Roger Webb, pastor 2676 Ellis Deal Rd. Drexel, NC 28619    Mailing Address: PO Box 1867, Drexel, NC 28619 828-433-0489
Connelly Springs First Baptist Danny Townsend, pastor 6460 Spring St. Connelly Springs, NC 28612  Mailing Address: PO Box 308, Connelly Springs, NC 28612 828-874-0826
Cornerstone Baptist Church Currently without a Sr. Pastor 300 Lovelady Rd. Valdese, NC 28690  Mailing Address: PO Box 1026, Valdese, NC 28690 828-879-4811 Website
Cross Memorial Baptist Church Jeff Beach, senior pastor 650 Enola Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-1021 Website
Drexel First Baptist Church Michael Duncan, pastor 200 S. Main St., Drexel, NC 28619  Mailing Address: PO Box 308, Drexel, NC 28619 828-437-3351 Website
Drexel Memorial Baptist Church Lonnie Brown, pastor 403 N. Main St. Drexel, NC 28619  Mailing Address: PO Box 638, Drexel, NC 28619 828-437-7200 Website
East Valdese Baptist Church Lee Harris, pastor 101 Eldred St. Valdese, NC 28690  Mailing address: PO Box 56, Valdese, NC 28690 828-874-0511 Website
El Bethel Baptist Church Al Tinnin, interim pastor 1731 N. Green St. Morganton, NC 28680  Mailing address: PO Box 2518, Morganton, NC 28680 828-437-0570 Website
Enon Baptist Church Gary Garner, pastor 2059 Enon Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-879-9241
First Hmong Baptist Church Pao Ly, pastor 301 Walker Road Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing Address: PO Box 37, Icard, NC 28666 828-432-9890
Friendship Baptist Church Phil King, pastor 408 Church Street Morganton, NC 28655 Mailing: 215 Hilltop Street, Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-4085  Website
Gilead Baptist Church  Billy Bollinger 6335 Benfield Boat Landing Road Nebo, NC 28761 828-584-1095
Glen Alpine First Baptist Church John Terry, pastor 205 Church St Glen Alpine, NC 28628  Mailing address: PO Box 557, Glen Alpine, NC 28628 828-584-0312 Website
Grace Baptist Church Marty Bess, pastor 1939 Paul Shuping Ave. Morganton, NC 28680 828-433-1508
New Perspective Church John Whisenant, pastor 1290 Harris Whisnant Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-584-6785
The Great American Cowboy Church Donald Lovelace, pastor 207 Blanton Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-433-0638 Website
High Peak Baptist Church Kevin Purcell, pastor 3073 High Peak Rd Valdese NC 28690 828-874-0164 Website
Hopewell Baptist Church Danny Emory, pastor 1112 Hopewell Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-4823 Website
Icard’s Grove Baptist Church Chris Decker, pastor 3101 Icard Grove Church Ave. Connelly Springs, NC 28612 828-879-9397 Website
Lakeview Baptist Church Shane Epps, pastor 4744 Lakeview Acres Road Valdese, NC 28690 828-874-0717
Missionary Ridge Baptist Church Chris Dale, pastor 5612 John Watts Rd Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-2450 Website
Morganton First Baptist Church Tom Bland, pastor 502 W. Union St. Morganton, NC 28680  Mailing address: PO Box 459, Morganton, NC 28680 828-437-2544 Website
Morganton First Deaf Mission Tom Lineberger, pastor 502 W. Union St. Morganton, NC 28680  Mailing address: PO Box 459, Morganton, NC 28680 828-437-2544 Website
Mount Calvary Baptist Church Stephen Collins, pastor 704 Praley Street SW Valdese, NC 28690 828-879-8831
Mount Home Baptist Church Jerry Gamble, pastor 2272 Mount Home Church Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-0593 Website
Mount Olive Baptist Church Michael Gantt, pastor 5388 Mount Olive Church Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 828-584-4840
Mountain View I Baptist Church Currently without a pastor 5355 Pea Ridge Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 None
Mountain View II Baptist Church Kenneth Mashburn, pastor 4692 Dysartsville Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-584-4961
Mull’s Grove Baptist Church David Orders, Interim pastor 5106 Burkemont Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-3379
New Hope In Christ Max Bristol, pastor 413 Bouchelle St. Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing Address: PO Box 101, Morganton, NC 28680 828-438-1825 Website
North Laurel Baptist Church Mike Wakefield, pastor 1942 Laurel St. NE Valdese, NC 28690  Mailing address: PO Box 307, Valdese, NC 28690 828-874-4080 Website
North Morganton Baptist Church Christopher Messer,
101 View St. Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-3287 Website
Oak Grove Baptist Church Russell McKinney 1065 Paddy’s Creek Road Nebo, NC 28761 828-584-6416 (home)
Oak Ridge Baptist Church Nicholas Wilson, pastor 7449 Oak Ridge Church Rd Connelly Springs, NC 28612 828-874-0891 Website
Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Jack Hodges, pastor 2396 Enola Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-4082 Website
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church David Mills,
interim pastor
1698 Conley Rd. Morganton, NC 28680  Mailing address: PO Box 1159, Morganton, NC 28680 828-584-0310 Website
Pleasant View Baptist Church Rex Shaver,
1834 US 70 East Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-3469
River Of Life Baptist Church Orlando Mendez, pastor meets at Bridge 42 Church 107 Calvin Heights Street Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address: PO Box 355, Morganton, NC 28680 433-1271
Riverside Baptist Church Currently without a  pastor 516 NC 126 Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address: PO Box 3451, Morganton, NC 28680 437-0090
Rutherford College First Baptist Rev. Dan Morton, pastor 1200 Malcolm Blvd, Rutherford College, NC 28671  Mailing address; PO Box 130, Rutherford College, NC 28671 828-874-3870
Silver Creek Baptist Church Larry Thompson, pastor 4504 Silver Creek Road Morganton, NC 28655
Smyrna Baptist Church Randy Clark,
3500 Brown Mountain Beach Road Morganton, NC 28655 438-89935
Solid Rock Baptist Church Stacey Layne, pastor 2505 Burke Memorial Park Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-4585
South Mountain Baptist Church Chris Annas, pastor 3676 US 64 Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address: PO Box 3927, Morganton, NC 28680 828-437-0796
Southside Baptist Church Lawrence Robertson, pastor 221 Herron St. Morganton, NC 286855Mailing address: PO Box 2306, Morganton, NC 28680 828-433-0084
Summit Community Church Mike Chandler, lead pastor 407 South Green Street Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-2761 Website
Table Rock Baptist Church Walter Vinson, pastor 1845 Harmon Rd. Morganton, NC 28655  Mailing address: 202 Park Street, Morganton, NC 28655 828-430-7689 (home)
Trinity Baptist Church Tim Hodge 3333 Trinity Church Road Valdese, NC 28690 828-433-0662
United Baptist Church Steve Mathews, pastor 2638 Messer Road Valdese, NC 28690 None Website
Valdese First Baptist Church Currently without a Sr. Pastor 500 Faet Street Valdese, NC 28690 828-874-2266 Website
Walker Road Baptist Church Dewey Thomas,
interim pastor
100 Walker Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-438-1084 Website
Wilkies Grove Baptist Church Kenneth Bryant, pastor 5780 Wilkies Grove Church Rd Hickory, NC 28602 828-397-6967 Website
Zion Baptist Church Keith Rose, pastor 3394 Pea Ridge Road Morganton, NC 28655 828-437-3080 Website