We are beginning something new at CRBA and we hope God will use it to reach many more for Christ. I met with our pastors last week and we discussed the need for additional funding to support the mission work of our Association. God is doing a good work here and we are looking forward to helping our churches reach many more families for Jesus. Therefore, we are asking each of our churches to be an “Above & Beyond Church” to help our Association to be totally funded as it partners with churches to reach communities for Christ. Above & Beyond churches (as we are classifying them) are churches who have asked the Lord to show them how much more financial support (in addition to what they are already giving) He wants them to give to Associational Missions through the Catawba River Baptist Association. While we are attempting to raise additional support through our churches we are also endeavoring to reduce our indebtedness prior to August 2018 which will help us have additional resources to fund mission work right here in Burke county. Please make this a matter of prayer as we strive to bring the Gospel to the 63,000 unreached people in Burke County.