Our 66 churches work together to impact people’s lives.  We’ve got a brochure that focuses on our theme, “Changing Hearts Through Missions.”

Here’s what we ask you to do. We made a brochure and uploaded it in both JPG and PDF formats to download, print and distribute to the members of our CRBA Churches.  They’re on our CRBA Missions page. There’s also a video highlighting some of the stories found in the guide. The video lasts 7:20, which may be too long for some churches. If that’s the case, please link to the YouTube version of the video from your website and ask members to watch it. Share it on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks where your people might see it.

CRBA Prayer Guide Outside
Use this as the outside of the two-page flier that prints on Legal size paper (8.5×14).

Please print the brochure on a legal size sheet of paper and distribute it to your people and ask them to pray for the ministries of our churches highlighted in the prayer guide.

CRBA Prayer Guide Inside
Here’s the inside of the prayer guide.

If you need copies of the brochure printed for you, please contact the CRBA office. Either download the video by right-clicking this link and choosing save file as or save link as or just watch it on YouTube using the video below. Click to video’s title to load the YouTube page containing the video.

You can download the video file for play on a computer in your worship service. Here’s the 720p video, which is HD video, but not the largest file. Right click the link and choose Save File As or Save Target As…