For many months we advertised a mission trip to Cincinnati, Ohio. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we changed that trip. Instead, we will go to Fayetteville, West Virginia, and work with New River Baptist Church to help them reach their community and serve their area through a couple of mission VBS opportunities, a block party, leading worship in the church, and possibly doing some construction work.

new river bridge near the location of our West Virginia mission trip to wv
The New River Bridge near Fayetteville, WV
Image by David Frampton from Pixabay

Our WV Mission Trip will take place the same week – July 10-16. instead of going from Saturday to Saturday, we’ll return on Friday. That means the cost of the trip drops to $185 instead of $210.

During the week we will stay at New River Baptist Church. You’ll need to bring your personal items and sleeping things.

In addition to serving the people on our West Virginia mission trip, we will enjoy some fun. There’s a mine that lets you go down into the mine in a mining car. We’ll tour that mine. We also plan to take one evening and see the beauty of the New River and listen to a wonderful storyteller who happens to serve as pastor of the church we’re helping.

West Virginia Mission Trip Registration Form and Deadline

You can download one of the forms linked below and fill it out and return it to the Catawba River Baptist Association with a $100 deposit by May 31, 2021. We have the form in two versions. You can download a PDF file or a WORD document. You can click those links to download them. If that doesn’t work, right-click and choose to save the file.

You will need to include your personal information, medical information and have the form notarized before you return it. We are working on getting someone to notarize forms at our informational meeting coming in May. Download the medical release in either a PDF file or WORD document format.

Each person attending will need to fill out a form and have it notarized just if we need to get medical treatment for you. If the person attending is under 18, then a parent or guardian will need to sign the form.

Mission Trip Dates to Remember

Cincinnati mission trip dates to remember

We have a few dates for you to remember.

  • Information Meeting – April 26, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Catawba River Baptist Association office
  • Training Meeting – June 10, 2021, at 7:00 p.m., also at the Catawba River Baptist Association office
  • Deadline for returning the deposit and forms notarized – May 31, 2021
  • Trip Dates – July 10-16, 2021, leaving early on Saturday the 10th at about 1:00 p.m.

Cost of the West Virginia Mission Trip

As stated above, there’s a $100 deposit due on May 31, 2021, along with your notarized registration form. Also, the balance of $85 will be due before we leave on July 10th. You can pay for the deposit and balance by check to Catawba River Baptist Association. You can use our online donations form, which will also cost a processing fee of about 3%.

In addition to paying the $185 fee for the trip, you will need money for snacks during the trip to WV and back home to Burke County. Eat lunch before you meet us on Saturday when we depart. We will arrive around supper time and get takeout, which is included in your fee, so you won’t have to pay for any meals until we return on Friday. Plan for 2 meals on the return trip home. On the way out of Fayetteville, we’ll stop for a quick bite to eat at a Bojangles near the church. Then we will likely eat lunch along the way home.

Other costs will include anything you wish to buy in WV. We won’t have time for too many activities besides the mine tour, which the CRBA will cover.