We will be hosting a Community Ministry Roundtable discussion sponsored by the Baptist Convention of North Carolina at CRBA August 6 from 6:30-8:30. Many churches in our Association have active ministries that are making a great impact on the people in our community. Others have a desire to do more but may not know where to start and may be wondering how to cast the vision to build an eager coalition to address local needs. The goal of this Community Ministry Roundtables is:

  • learn what others are already doing and celebrate God’s blessing
  • identify those who share a common passion for specific ministries
  • share information learned from successes and failures
  • build a local network that can assist churches in their ministries
  • dream of what can be and start developing an action plan

Anyone who is involved or wants to be involved in community ministry in his/her area is encourage to join us.  It will be particularly helpful for pastors, ministry leaders (lay leaders and clergy).  We will learn from each other, teach each other, and by God’s leadership build an eager coalition to impact our communities.  Invite people from your church, and surrounding associations who have a passion to reach our community for Jesus. Our leaders for the evening will be Paul Langston and Dollie Noa from our Baptist State Convention.