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We will begin at 6:30 and it will be a time of rejoicing as we hear how God is using our churches to make a difference in our county, nation and world. Our guest speaker for the evening will be Rev. Chuck Campbell who serves at the Baptist Convention of NC. He will share how we can Pray and Go together to reach our communities for Jesus. Due to COVID restrictions, nursery and supper will not be provided this time. We encourage everyone to participate but we strongly encourage each church to send its allotment of messengers as noted in our CRBA Bylaws and Constitution:

Representation: The members (churches) shall be represented by individuals which each member (church) appoints to be known as messengers. Each member (church) shall be entitled to the following number of messengers:

~Three messengers for the first 100 members of a church, or fraction thereof. 

~One messenger for each additional 100 members of a church. 

~Each member of a church who is a ministerial staff member of the church shall count as an additional messenger. 

~The Moderator, Vice Moderator, Treasurer, and Secretary of this Association shall be considered messengers. 

Churches are encouraged to send in their list of messengers
a week in advance of our Spring Meeting.

Food Roundup thin

Boys and girls come to Baptist Children’s Homes from situations of unimaginable neglect and abuse causing them to feel alone and forgotten. When you add a global pandemic on top of their already traumatic circumstances, their feelings of hopelessness are amplified. The Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina is in need of grocery store gift cards. We encourage each of our CRBA churches to donate at least $100 in gift cards to help these children in need. Drop off for the gift cards will be at the CRBA office (1812 US HWY 70 E, Morganton, NC 28655) now through April 29th, 2021. Please contact our office at (828) 437-0137 for more information.

Quilt Making Mission Trip to Rose Hill, NC

April 27-30, 2021

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We are planning a trip to Rose Hill for a Tuesday-Friday and will distribute quilts to families who have had Baptists on Mission repair their houses after hurricanes hit our east coast.  Each family will receive a handmade quilt as a gift as they move back into their homes. There will also be opportunities to do light projects for those who want to do construction and/or painting.
Even if you are not able to go on the trip, we still need your help. Beginning March 8th, we will be offering quilting classes ahead of the trip on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm in March through April and we will use that time to make squares for the quilts. You are needed whether you are experienced in quilting or not. All classes will take place at United Baptist Church in Valdese. To sign up for the class and for more information please contact our office at 828-437-0137 or email us at admin@crbanc.org.

For those able to travel to Rose Hill, the cost of the mission trip is $40 per person which includes lodging and food. For more information, please contact Dawn Mathews at 828-962-5255 or our Associational office at 828-437-0137. 

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BurkeChangers Update:

The CRBA Youth Ministry Team is excited that God is blessing the preparations for BurkeChangers Mission Week coming in June. Our BurkeChangers Leadership Team continues to pray, plan, promote, and prepare for a great impact. Churches are partnering with us and we would love to extend the invitation to other CRBA Churches! Find out more information at www.BurkeChangers.org – We also have a promo pack (filled w/goodies) for your church if you would like one. These are limited and on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Ways that you can be involved:

– PRAY for planning and preparation.
– PROMOTE: www.BurkeChangers.org to other churches.
– BECOME a Partner Church: $50 registration.
– ENLIST Crew Leaders, Skilled Supervisors, Students & Chaperones.
– BE willing to assist provide lunches for a work crew. 
– HELP us with Block Party Outreach Events
– DONATE to BurkeChangers Mission Week through CRBA.

There are so many ways that your church can get involved and we would love to have your partnership! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out to us at info@BurkeChangers.org or contact: Greg Klapp – CRBA Youth Team Leader or Eddy Bunton – BurkeChangers Team Coordinator. God bless!



We are looking for folks to help us prayer walk in our communities on Saturday, April 17th. You can prayer “drive or walk” your community any time of the day as we pray for the salvation for our community.

To sign up and to receive more information please go to https://ncbaptist.org/event-pray-and-go-prayerwalking. 

Simply click on the register link, fill out the info and:
under the “area” drop-down menu, click Unifour,
under the “location” menu, click Valdese & Morganton/Scattered/April 17th.

Instructions and training material will be sent to everyone who signs up.

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12 Questions to Evaluate Your Church’s Culture

By Chuck Lawless


Every church has a culture, whether it be positive or negative. The problem, though, is that too few churches take time to consider their culture – and they seldom grow. Maybe some of these questions will help you review your church’s culture: 

  1. Is church for your congregation a Sunday event, or is it a life-on-life commitment? Church that is “Sunday only” seldom leads to significant life change; on the other hand, life-on-life church is attractive and transforming. 
  2. Can your members state and explain your church’s mission statement? If not, it’s likely the church hasn’t adequately created a culture around its mission. 
  3. Do members want to serve through your congregation? Churches with a culture of service not only challenge members to get involved, but they also make it easy to know how to serve.
  4. If I were absent from worship services for a few weeks, would I be missed? I realize church size matters here at some level, but a culture of pastoral care will lead a church to follow up on absentee members. 
  5. Would other believers and the community turn to your church for prayer support? Not many churches have a culture of prayer – but those who do make a difference in a dark world. 
  6. When was the last time your church sent out your best to be church planters or missionaries? If your church hangs on to your best and seldom calls out the called, your culture is probably inwardly-focused. 
  7. Do missionaries on the field know how well your church supports missionaries you’ve sent from your congregation? Missionaries talk, both about churches who ignore their sent-ones and about those who care deeply and consistently from a distance. 
  8. Do guests and members recognize excitement and joy when your church gathers for worship? I admit this is a feeling question, but emotion does indicate something. Churches who love to worship God make that evident, and they talk about Jesus and their church in the streets. 
  9. Do your leaders protect their turf, or are they joyfully committed to producing the next generation of leaders? Cultures of protection are stifling and unhealthy; cultures of reproduction are exciting and visionary. 
  10. Does your church have a clearly stated and followed discipleship strategy? Churches that reach non-believers, lead them to Christ, and then help them grow with intentionality simply have a different kind of culture. 
  11. What does the community believe about your church? Their perception may not be accurate, but it’s not wrong to view perception as reality. Often, your community will have an accurate perception of whether your church is a vibrant or dying one. 
  12. Does your church practice evaluation and improvement? If not, your church’s culture is probably stagnant at best. Let these questions move you in a different direction. 

What is the culture of your church?

Church News

Amherst Baptist is seeking a Pastor.

Antioch Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor.

Burkemont Baptist has 150 wooden childrens chairs they are willing to donate to a church in need. For more information please contact Giovonnia Hennessee at 828-437-2357.

Catawba Valley is seeking a Pastor.

Community Missionary is seeking a Pastor.

El Bethel Baptist Church in Morganton is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of Worship and Youth to join their ministerial staff. Please send resumes and questions to worshipleadersearchebbc@gmail.com.

Mull’s Grove Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Minister of Music and a bi-vocational Youth Minister. Please send resumes and questions to brodruemgbc@att.net.        

Pleasant Hill Baptist is seeking a full-time Children’s and Youth Ministry Pastor as well as a part-time Worship Pastor/Leader.

Rutherford College First Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor.  

Partner News

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