CRBA Spring Meeting at High Peak Baptist

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We will begin at 6:30 and it will be a time of rejoicing as we hear how God is using our churches to make a difference in our county, nation and world. Our guest speaker for the evening will be Rev. Chuck Campbell who will share how we can Pray and Go together to reach our communities for Jesus. Due to COVID restrictions, nursery and supper will not be provided this time.

Food Roundup thin

Boys and girls come to Baptist Children’s Homes from situations of unimaginable neglect and abuse causing them to feel alone and forgotten. When you add a global pandemic on top of their already traumatic circumstances, their feelings of hopelessness are amplified. The Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina is in need of grocery store gift cards. We encourage each of our CRBA churches to donate at least $100 in gift cards to help these children in need. Drop off for the gift cards will be at the CRBA office (1812 US HWY 70 E, Morganton, NC 28655) now through April 29th, 2021. Please contact our office at (828) 437-0137 for more information.

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Quilt Making Mission Trip to Rose Hill,
April 27-30, 2021

Ladies! We are planning a trip to Rose Hill for a Tuesday-Friday mission to make quilts for families who have had Disaster Relief of NC repair their houses after hurricanes that hit our east coast.  Each family will receive a handmade quilt as a gift as they move back into their homes.
We would like to extend this trip to quilters, but also people who have never sewn before. We will be offering quilting classes ahead of the trip on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30pm in March and April. The cost of the mission trip is $40 per person which includes lodging and food. Currently, because of COVID protocols, we have a maximum of 10 people we can bring so sign up quickly. For more information, please contact Dawn Mathews at 828-962-5255 or our Associational office at 828-437-0137.

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BurkeChangers Update:

The CRBA Youth Ministry Team is excited that God is blessing the preparations for BurkeChangers Mission Week coming in June. Our BurkeChangers Leadership Team continues to pray, plan, promote, and prepare for a great impact. Churches are partnering with us and we would love to extend the invitation to other CRBA Churches! Find out more information at – We also have a promo pack (filled w/goodies) for your church if you would like one. These are limited and on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Ways that you can be involved:

– PRAY for planting and preparation.
– PROMOTE: to other churches.
– BECOME a Partner Church: $50 registration.
– ENLIST Crew Leaders, Skilled Supervisors, Students & Chaperones.
– BE willing to assist provide lunches for a work crew. 
– HELP us with Block Party Outreach Events
– DONATE to BurkeChangers Mission Week through CRBA.

There are so many ways that your church can get involved and we would love to have your partnership! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out to us at or contact: Greg Klapp – CRBA Youth Team Leader or Eddy Bunton – BurkeChangers Team Coordinator. God bless!



We are looking for folks to help us prayer walk in our communities on Saturday, April 17th. You can prayer “drive or walk” your community anytime of the day as we pray for the salvation for our community.

To sign up and to receive more information please go to

Simply click on the register link, fill out the info and:
under the “area” drop-down menu, click Unifour,
under the “location” menu, click Valdese & Morganton/Scattered/April 17th .

Instructions and training material will be sent to everyone who signs up.

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11 Steps to Keep Your Small Group Outwardly-Focused

By Chuck Lawless @


Small groups are critical to a healthy church. Most small groups turn inwardly at some point, though, and lose their evangelistic fervor. Listed here are some steps to avoid this inward turn.

  1. Evaluate the numbers at least twice a year. At least biannually, evaluate at least these numbers: how many non-believers are participating in the group? How many new believers attend? What percentage of members shares their faith regularly?
  2. Expect small group facilitators to be faithful evangelists. To have a facilitator who does not faithfully evangelize is almost to guarantee the group will not be evangelistic. Frankly, I would require potential facilitators to give evidence of an evangelistic DNA before giving them the position.
  3. Hold members accountable for sharing their faith. At least monthly – if not weekly – ask members to report the non-believers for whom they’re praying, the relationships with non-believers they’re developing, and the times they’ve recently shared the gospel message. 
  4. Plan for different group members to share their testimony once a month. Group members are not likely to share their story with non-believers if they’ve never done so among believers. Let your small group be a safe place for evangelism practice.
  5. Pray for non-believers at each group gathering. Don’t let a meeting pass without focusing the group’s attention on non-believers. Pray for people you know aren’t following the Lord. 
  6. Assume nothing about the group’s Bible knowledge. Guide the group in locating texts within the Scriptures. Explain terms and church jargon. If the group believes their non-believing friends will not be intimidated when attending, they’ll more likely invite them to hear the gospel.
  7. Include one evangelism training series annually. Newer believers will need the equipping, and longer-term group members will need the reminder. Guide your groups to expect and look forward to evangelism training.
  8. Plan quarterly events that emphasize outreach. Do prayer surveys in the community. Carry out servant evangelism projects. Plan group events (e.g., baseball game, hiking trip, movie night), with the goal of each member bringing a nonbelieving friend.
  9. Celebrate conversions. Throw a Luke 15 party when someone involved in your small group becomes a follower of Jesus. Give gifts to help the new believer get started in his Christian walk. Invite his own non-believing family and friends to join the party. If we learn to rejoice when God works a saving miracle, we’ll do more evangelism.
  10. Have a discipleship strategy in place for new believers. Young believers can be great evangelists – if their passion for Christ continues. Discipleship is one means by which we help them keep their fire burning. 
  11. Continue to offer Zoom options for participating in a small group, at least until we move beyond COVID. Some non-believers who won’t yet come to church might be open to joining a group via Zoom.

Church News

Amherst Baptist is seeking a Pastor.

Antioch Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor.

Burkemont Baptist has 150 wooden childrens chairs they are willing to donate to a church in need. For more information please contact Giovonnia Hennessee at 828-437-2357.

Catawba Valley is seeking a Pastor.

Community Missionary is seeking a Pastor.

El Bethel Baptist Church in Morganton is seeking a full-time Associate Pastor of Worship and Youth to join their ministerial staff. Please send resumes and questions to

Mull’s Grove Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Minister of Music. Please send resumes and questions to        

Pleasant Hill Baptist is seeking a full-time Children’s and Youth Ministry Pastor as well as a part-time Worship Pastor/Leader.

Rutherford College First Baptist is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor.  


Partner News

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