CRBA Update                      October 12, 2017



Also, at this year’s Annual Worship Celebration a special offering will be taken which will go towards paying off at least half of the CRBA building mortgage which is currently at $260,000. Not only are we asking individuals to contribute but we are asking our churches to make a sacrificial gift as well. Paying off this debt will free up over $22,000 yearly for the next 16 years which will allow us to help our churches with many more evangelistic/mission projects. Please pray for what God would have you to do regarding this important offering.



Community Ministry at Hillcrest Housing Community

Our Hillcrest Ministry Kick-off  Block party was a great success last week and we are so grateful for all who served the wonderful folks of that community. Now, every Wednesday evening from 6 pm-8pm we will be providing tutoring, food and lots of fun. We are still in need of one church to take the 2nd week of every month. If your church is interested in helping please give Robby at call at our CRBA office. Also, we are in need of the following supplies. If you can help please bring all donations to our CRBA office in Morganton.

Packs of notebook paper
Individually wrapped snacks and chips
Juice Boxes
Ping Pong Balls
Board Games (i.e. Connect 4, Kerplunk, etc.)
Corn Hole Set
Soccer Balls
Basket Balls

We are happy to announce beginning January 18th, 2018 we will be offering SACS Accredited seminary level classes at our Resource Center in partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. This partnership will allow both pastors and laymen (men and women) the opportunity to further their education while taking accredited seminary courses. We will be offering two courses (you can take one or both) which will take place on Thursday evenings beginning January 18th.

Courses being taught are the following:


Pastoral Ministry and Leadership Practicum (instructor Dr. Steve Mathews)
Bible Exposition I: Hermeneutics and Preparation Practicum (instructor Dr. Rex Shaver)

For more information on this new ministry of CRBA please give us a call at 828-437-0137.



We are excited for our upcoming Toy Store ministry as we know our community will be blessed and many will come to faith in Christ. Registration has been completed and now we look forward to The Toy Store. We are still in need of volunteers and if you are interested please contact Janet McDaniel or Amy Carr at the CRBA office. As always, we are in need of several items and if you can help please bring all donations to our CRBA office.  The following items are needed at this time:

Toys $12-$15
Kindle Fires
RC Toys
Soccer Balls
Tooth Brushes
Tooth Paste
Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D)
Steps to Peace with God (Tracts)





Pastor Appreciation Month: 5 Ways to Say Thanks
Here are a few tips on how you can speak your pastor’s love language.



With apologies to Gary Chapman for playing on his well-known Five Love Languages theme, I asked 24 pastors how a church member might speak to each pastor in his own love language. Though 24 persons don’t constitute a massive survey, I was amazed at the consistency of the responses.
To fit the theme of five, I determined at the onset that I would only report the top five responses. To my surprise, there was an obvious break between the fifth and sixth most frequent responses. Thus, the five love languages were a natural fit.
So how can you speak a love language to your pastor? Here are the pastors’ top five responses in order of frequency. I offer a representative response from one of the pastors for each of the five.
Express Your Gratitude
Books. “I have a limited family budget, so I can’t just go out and buy a bunch of books. But I sure do love books. One year a deacon gave me a $200 gift card to a Christian bookstore. I was ecstatic! Now the church gives me a $300 book allowance each year. I know it’s not much for the type of books I get, but I sure am grateful.”
Encouraging notes. “I treasure every word of affirmation I get. It helps to soothe the pain of the criticisms. I keep all of my notes of encouragement in a box, and I sometimes read many of them at one time to remind myself how blessed I am. I particularly appreciate handwritten notes. I know the church member took time to write that to me.”
Time guardians. “My most encouraging church members are those who try to help me protect my time. They do everything they can to make sure I have enough time to prepare for my sermons and spend time with my family. They’re able to speak to other members about my time constraints in a way I am not.”
Compliments about children. “There are times I feel sorry for my three kids. They’re good kids, but they aren’t perfect. They live in a glass house, and any wrong move they make usually gets the attention of a church member. But I have a few church members who go out of their way to tell me the good about my children. One sincere compliment about one of my three kids makes my day.”
Defenders. “You know, I deal with critics, and I realize that in any leadership position, there are those who will judge. My greatest hurt takes place when my supporters remain silent in the face of intense criticism toward me. They’re more afraid of rocking the boat than speaking the truth. But I have one church member who always speaks a defending word for me unless he thinks I’m wrong. Then he speaks to me privately. I could use a dozen church members like that.”

Church members, do you speak any of these love languages to your pastor?
This article is courtesy of HomeLife Magazine. By: Thom S. Rainer


Thank you to all who helped in our joint ministry to the city workers of Morganton, Valdese and Drexel this week. Due to your partnership we were able to minister to approximately 265 employees. Thank you again for your wonderful partnership and for caring for our community.




Our Annual WMU Missions Celebration is October 24th at 6:15 p.m. at High Peak Baptist Church in Valdese. A wonderful meal will be served and we are encouraging each person attending to contribute $5 for the cost of the meal. Also, we are encouraging you to bring a new or “gently” used purse (to be filled with supplies at a later date) to be donated to Options which is our local Women’s Shelter. This will be a great time of fellowship, missions and inspiration as our Director of Missions Robby Smith will be giving the missions challenge for the evening.



Russia: Kindness Express


The Associational RA and GA leaders invite you to bring the children of your church to a very special event just for them.  During the upcoming Annual WMU Fall Celebration, we are offering the opportunity for your children to learn about our mission work in Russia.  Mission work there has its own special challenges due to the nature of the country, its background and current authoritarian leadership.  However, our missionaries continue to faithfully serve within the restrictions placed on them, and on all believers by current laws in order to reach people for Jesus. The children will learn of the missionaries work in the country and prior to will be a joint meal with a special Russian Theme for the children. The event will be held during the WMU Missions Celebration on October 24th at 6:15 pm at High Peak Baptist Church. There will be a cost of $3.00 per person. Please contact the Associational office with number attending before Thursday October 19th at 828-437-0137. If you have any questions about the study please contact Martha Heavner at 828-502-9319.


Ministry Partner News



Good Samaritan Clinic East

The Good Samaritan Clinic East will host an Open House/Grand Opening on October 14, 2017 from 11:00am-2:00pm. The Clinic is located at Oakridge Baptist Church, 7449 Oakridge Church Road Connelly Springs NC, 28612. There will be a FREE hotdog lunch, FREE blood pressure checks, and tours given. This will be a time for prospective new patients to register. The clinic serves those in the Eastern part of Burke County above the age of 18 who currently do not have insurance coverage, Medicare or Medicaid, and do not have financial resources for proper medical care. If you have any questions about this event or the clinic, please call 828-522-1119.


​First Baptist Church will be filled with music at 6:45 p.m. on Monday, October 16, as the NC Baptist Singers & Orchestra perform a special concert with the theme “By His Love.” The NC Baptist Singers & Orchestra includes ministers of music, church music directors, accompanists and other church musicians from across North Carolina. Join us for a wonderful night of music and worship.




Upcoming Events


15 –CRBA Fall/Annual Meeting/Celebration @ Burkmont
Meal, choir rehearsal & business session at 4:30 and Worship Celebration@ 6
24 –Fall WMU Missions Celebration @ 6:15 (sessions will be included for boys and girls and nursery will be available)


2 –No Minister’s Wives Fellowship this month
6 –S.S. Training with Ken Hemphill @ High Peak Baptist Church
12 –S.S. Mentoring @ East Valdese @ 6 p.m.
14 –Ministers, Church Secretaries and Spouses Christmas Party @ 6 p.m.
23 –Thanksgiving (CRBA Office Closed)


3 –Toy Store Set-up @ 1 p.m. @ Summit
4 –Toy Store 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. @ Summit
5 –Toy Store 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. @ Summit
6 –Toy Store 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. @ Summit
7 –Toy Store 8 a.m. to noon @ Summit
10 –S.S. Mentoring @ East Valdese @ 6 p.m.