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We are excited about this year’s Toy Store Ministry as we will be celebrating 26 years of ministering to families in need using toys at Christmas to share the Good News of Jesus. This year we are celebrating Christmas in August, encouraging churches and individuals to collect toys in August to be distributed to families during annual Toy Store event in December. If you would like a collection box to be delivered to your church (or business) please give us a call at 828-437-0137. Collection boxes with the Toy Store Logo are also available for pickup at our CRBA office in Morganton. Or, feel free to bring donations (new toys costing between $12-$15) to our CRBA office. For ideas go to

Out of the box

Out of the Box  (Creative ideas to Reach Communities for Christ)

Super Small Groups by Josh Hunt @
Many churches have not resumed on campus Sunday Schlool and some classes are getting weary of ZOOM Sunday School. What might be a solution? Some are considering the idea of beginning Super Small Groups—groups of about five. These can be more acceptable in this time of COVID and can be held on campus or in homes (using social distancing).

The WHO of Super Small Groups
All during the pandemic, I have never stopped seeing my kids. There are a handful of others that I have not stopped seeing. This group would be the WHO. I am intrigued by the Saddleback mantra, “Want to start a group? Just grab two friends.” If you start with your closest friends you avoid the awkwardness that often comes with new groups. You can go deeper quicker because you already know each other. Five wouldn’t be an exact number, but the idea is to keep it super small. By the time you got to eight, you might consider starting a new group.

The WHY of Super Small Groups:
There is an inverse relationship between the size of the group and the amount of life change. The smaller the group, the bigger the life change. Super small groups challenge, confront, comfort, love, and change one another. There is a tendency in larger groups to have spectators. If there is a back row, it is not a small group. Groups of about five don’t have a back row.

The WHAT of Super Small Groups:
Super Small groups can do five things and need a champion do be in charge of each of these things. We don’t want one leader who does everything. We want five people leading the group in five areas:

Fellowship -The fellowship champion could plan a meal. Or snacks. Or, they could plan some fellowship questions to lead the group past talking about the weather and sports. Or, they might plan a game night once a month or so.

Worship -The worship champion could pick out some great worship videos on Youtube and be prepared to lead the group in worship. Or, they could read a Psalm and lead a worship-only time of prayer. I found some groups find this more difficult—and more helpful—than they imagined. We tend to think of prayer and we go into asking mode. The worship leader reminds us that prayer should include a healthy dose of worship.

Teaching -This could be live teaching or video teaching. You might use a resource like Good Questions Have Groups Talking. (Google it.) If you can ask 20 Questions, you can lead a small group.

Evangelism -These next two are talked about in group, but practiced out of group. The evangelism champion might lead in a prayer each week that is focused on praying for our lost friends. Or, they might just lead a time of discussing what conversations we have had about Christ. It may be that we don’t do more evangelism that we do because we don’t make a habit of talking about each week when we are together. The evangelism champion would remind us to talk about it.

Service –The service champion could encourage the group to do a service project once a month or so. Google “servant evangelism” for ideas.

Final thoughts
You probably noticed that these five activities and the five champions correspond with the five purposes of the church. This is not accidental. The vision is that these super small groups would be microcosms of the church. Micro-churches.

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Check out Keith Rose as Pastor of the Week on our YouTube channel ( Don’t forget to subscribe!

Clear Principles for Church Revital Flyer

In this helpful seminar the following topics will be discussed:
Introduction: What is Church Revitalization? – Revitalization = Revival
Understanding the Church Life-Cycle Curve – Where is your church on the Cycle?
What does a Healthy Church look like? What does an Unhealthy Church look like?
Principles that will help bring Revitalization:

  • Understanding the Holy Spirits role in Church Revitalization.
  • Receiving a clear Vision for Church Revitalization.
  • A Willingness to change with Church Revitalization.
  • Developing Leadership for Church Revitalization.
  • Resolving Conflict for Church Revitalization.
  • Fighting the “Good Fight” (Warfare) for Church Revitalization.

Charity Mission Site Sign Photo

The Catawba River Baptist Association will be leading a Mission Trip to Rose Hill, NC September 1-4. We will be helping rebuild homes destroyed by the floods in eastern NC. Cost of the trip will be $10 per night, totaling $30. The site provides lodging, food, and all work materials. This is a great opportunity for anyone new to missions or seasoned veterans. If you would like to join our team or have any questions, please call the CRBA office at 828-437-0137. If you would like to see a video of the mission site click the link. (Video by Daniel Purcell)

Road to Kenya Pic

Has God been speaking to you about going on a foreign mission trip? Well, if so, we’ve got a great opportunity for you. The plane will leave from Charlotte for Kenya February 9th of 2021 and I hope you will be on it. Our team will be limited to 14 people and we already have 4 who have committed to go. With that being said, pray, commit and send in your registration form (call our CRBA office for the form).The cost of the trip is approximately $2,600. 

Conference Call New 2020

Each Wednesday at 10:30 we spend time praying for the needs of our churches, and communities in Burke County. I invite each of you to join me as we pray for our churches in Burke County to have greater impact in the Kingdom. If you would like to join me in this special time of weekly prayer please follow the instructions on the above picture. I promise you will be blessed.

Partner News

Burke Hospice Logo

Burke Hospice & Palliative Care is proud to offer a volunteer program for your church which integrates the terminally ill with the faith community.
The Ambassador Program mobilizes a semi-formal person-to-person network between hospice and local worship centers. Burke Hospice Ambassadors help raise awareness and understanding of what hospice and & palliative care really is.
Ambassadors serve as teachers and educate their congregants about the benefits of hospice, while relieving fears associated with services for those facing life-limiting illness.
Ambassadors receive specific training to build their understanding and awareness of hospice.  They go into their congregations with confidence and help others realize how Burke Hospice & Palliative care can bring hope to their days. 

  • Ambassadors must be 18 years or older.
  • Ambassador must regularly attend and be involved in a local religious group or organization.
  • Ambassadors must attend regularly scheduled Ambassador meetings (three times a year).
  • Ambassadors must be dedicated to help those facing terminal illness learn about and obtain the services of Burke Hospice & Palliative Care.
  • Ambassador must complete a required 1-day training program.

If you don’t have one, please consider teaming with us for an Ambassador for your church.  Call Twyla Hildebrand for more information at 879-1601 Ext 157.

Also, during the current pandemic, Burke Hospice & Palliative Care needs additional masks to provide staff.  Please help stock our food pantry with non-perishable items for our food insecure patients. Thank you so much. 

Beech Glen Baptist Church in Mars Hill, N.C. is seeking a full-time pastor. Seminary and/or bachelor’s degree preferred.  Salary range begins at $52K per year based on education and experience.  Please send resume to “Search Committee, PO Box 715, Mars Hill, NC, 28754” and/or via email to  Applications should include a link to an online sermon or some form of digital media (e.g. CD, DVD, etc…) sent to the PO Box above. Application implies consent to a nationwide background investigation.

Mt. Zion Baptist of Hudson, NC is searching for an interim part-time Music Director. The position involves to following:

  • Directs the music ministry of the Church.
  • Assists the Pastor in planning all worship services.
  • Arranges and provides music for funerals, special services and other Church-related activities upon request.
  • Model Biblical integrity in all things.
  • Available 12 to 14 hours per week including partial office hours.

Interested individuals – please e-mail resume to: Sherry White at
You may also mail your resume to: Mount Zion Baptist Church, 1787 Cajah Mtn. Road, Hudson, NC 28638, Attn: Search Committee

Church News

Antioch Baptist 
is seeking a bi-vocational Pastor.

Mull’s Grove Baptist Church is currently seeking a Full-time Senior Pastor. Please send resumes to

Pleasant Ridge Baptist has some puppets and a puppet stage they are wanting to make available to any church who could use them. Also, they have a large Easter Backdrop available. If interested in either please call Keith Burkhart at (828) 584-0310.