Mission Trips

We are excited to announce we will be going to Kenya for a mission trip from October 26 thru November 5.  The cost is estimated from $2,200 to $2,500 depending on travel. This year we will be hosting a pastors training event in villages and constructing 4 houses for widows. This is going to be an awesome trip but is limited to 14 people.

Reserve your spot today by going to https://baptistsonmission.org/bom/kenya/kenya-ky21-002/4981  (You may have to place your cursor over the link and hold down your Control button while left-clicking to get it to open). You can also find your project by going to Mission Projects/Outside US/Kenya from any page on the website. Scroll to the bottom of the Kenya Partnership Page and then find and click on your project (the Details/Register button). Note that the site only displays ten projects at a time, so you may need to hit the “next” button at the bottom of the page to scroll over and find your project. Once on your project page, it should ask you to sign in or create an account.


IF YOU ARE A NEW USER, simply create a new account. The e-mail/username has to be unique (i.e., husband and wife cannot share the same e-mail). If you have been sharing an e-mail with your spouse, you will need to create a unique one for one or the other of you. Once you have created your new account, go back to the homepage and find your project by clicking (Mission Projects/Outside US/Kenya). Projects are listed at the bottom of the Kenya Partnership page.

-OR-IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT  go ahead and sign in. Remember that….Usernames are based on e-mails. If you have forgotten your username, we can look that up for you if you contact our office. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it. After doing so, you should receive an e-mail with a new password to put in. Once logged in, you can change it to whatever you would like your password to be. Once you sign in, it should keep you on your project page, and you can continue with registration as a team member. But if not, go back to the homepage and find your project by clicking (Mission Projects/Outside US/Kenya). Projects are listed at the bottom of the Kenya Partnership page.



1.      Click “1” at the bottom of your project page, where it asks you to “Choose Quantity.” Then click the “Continue” button. It should take you to a second page.

2.      The second page should ask you to put in your “team name,” which is: CRBA(case sensitive). Click “Continue.”

3.      The third page should present your account information (general, passport, etc.) for verification. If anything on your account is unfinished, it may require you to complete it. Once you have, click the “Register” button.

4.      You will be taken to a “Thank You” page. This page links to our background check requirement. You can go ahead and click this button and submit the needed information for your background check at this time if you wish.  (You will also receive an e-mail with the same information you see on the “Thank You” page. )

The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday (10/26/2021) -Depart US
Wed.                            -Arrive in Nairobi pm; stay in a hotel in Nairobi
Thurs.                          -Travel to Ahero; arrive, settle into the guesthouse
Friday                          -Build 1st house; minister in the community
Saturday                      -Build 2nd  house; minister in the community
Sunday                        -Worship in a local church and visit Kisumu area
Monday                       -Build 3rd house; minister in the community
Tuesday                       -Build 4th house; minister in the community
Wednesday                  -Travel to Masai Mara game park; lunch at lodge; game drive
Thursday                     -Breakfast at lodge; game drive in am; drive back to Nairobi; fly out pm
Friday                          -Arrive back in the U.S.

We will also be doing pastor training in the villages, but that schedule has not been set.

Boys and girls come to Baptist Children’s Homes from situations of unimaginable neglect and abuse, causing them to feel alone and forgotten. When you add a global pandemic on top of their already traumatic circumstances, their feelings of hopelessness are amplified. The Baptist Children’s Home of North Carolina is in need of grocery store gift cards. We encourage each of our CRBA churches to donate at least $100 in gift cards to help these children in need. Drop off for the gift cards will be at the CRBA office (1812 US HWY 70 E, Morganton, NC 28655) now through April 29th, 2021. Please contact our office at (828) 437-0137 for more information.

Image by David Frampton from Pixabay

We are excited to announce we will be partnering with New River Baptist Church in Fateytteville, WV. Our mission trip to wv will be July 10-16, 2021, and we will be helping the church reach its community for Christ. We will be helping with Block Parties, Vacation Bible School, and leading in worship at the church. We also have an opportunity to dos ome construction.

We hope you and your church will join us on this exciting adventure. The cost of the trip is $185, which includes transportation, lodging, and food while in WV. For more information and to register, please call our CRBA office