Associational Missions

What is the Catawba River Baptist Association?

Many who are not familiar with Southern Baptist life have asked this question. Perhaps the simplest answer is that the Baptist Association is “a fellowship of Churches on mission.” Each Church is independent and autonomous, but we have made a covenant, or agreement, to work cooperatively together to touch people for Jesus. The 68 Churches of the Catawba River Baptist Association know that we can do so much more by working cooperatively together as partners than any Church could do alone.
Affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and the North Carolina Baptist Convention, the Catawba River Baptist Association is located in beautiful western North Carolina. We are comprised of 68 Churches located in Burke County where the population is around 90,000 people. Our goal is to aid our churches in partnering together to reach communities for Christ.
The Staff of the Catawba River Baptist Association works with these 68 Churches and Missions in a variety of ways to encourage them in their work of missions and evangelism.

CRBA Goals for 2021

  1. Partner with churches to reach communities for Christ. (Supports local mission endeavors)
    1. Continue to provide evangelism training for our churches in large groups as well as individually upon request
    2. Expand mission opportunities for girls and women, providing opportunities for ministry and evangelism
    3. Reach unreached men for Christ by providing evangelistic events for men
    4. Reach the hearing impaired community by providing funds for our community deaf mission
    5. Provide mission opportunities to strengthen local churches
    6. Investigate local opportunities for ministry to former prison inmates including the possibility of planting a church with their needs in mind
    7. Plan and promote prayer events quarterly
  1. Fan the Acts 1:8 flame of our Association. (Support state, national, and international mission endeavors)
  2. Provide opportunities for our churches to partner in planting new churches
  3. Continue urging churches to participate in CRBA’s mission trips to Rose Hill, Cincinnati and Kenya while looking for opportunities to increase mission endeavors globally
  4. Reach the unreached “Millennial” and “Gen Z” Generations
    1. Plan evangelistic activities
    2. Provide mission opportunities for students (Spring Break Mission Trip)
    3. Organize and implement BurkeChangers
  1. Strengthen Churches and their Leaders
    1. Provide assessment and help to churches desiring to become healthier
    2. Strengthen churches through Equip Conferences
    3. Continue to provide Church Revitalization/Strengthening help to willing churches
    4. Develop mentoring Mondays cohort groups where the emphasis will be placed on developing leaders in the area of Church Revitalization
  1. Increase CRBA Communication and Effectiveness
    1. Send quarterly information packets to CRBA pastors and church leaders
    2. In addition to weekly updates, send reminders of special events through separate emails
    3. In addition to the weekly CRBA UPDATE (delivered electronically) in English, provide a monthly update in Spanish
  1. Increase “Buy-In” from CRBA Churches
    1. Build relationships with pastors to help them lead their churches to eradicate lostness in Burke county
    2. Visit every church to offer encouragement and help in reaching Burke County for Jesus
    3. Encourage each of our CRBA churches/missions to participate in activities as well as financially through speaking engagements as well as publicizing what God is doing through our partnership

Ministries CRBA provides to our churches upon request:

  • Mission Trip Training and Opportunities
  • Church Revitalization Mentoring
  • Leadership Training
  • Church Facility Space Consulting
  • Resources (Evangelism Trailers, Blowup Screen, sound system as well as recreation equipment)
  • Pastor Training
  • Church Strengthening Consultation
  • Deacon Training
  • Pastor Search Committee Training
  • Sunday School/Small Group Leader Training
  • Evangelism Training
  • Idea Development
  • Strategy Planning/Goal Setting
  • Church Planting Training
  • Resume’s
  • Discipleship Ministry Development
  • Worship/Music Leader Training
  • Pastoral/Minister Support and Counseling
  • Pulpit Supply
  • Evangelism Trailer

Seminars Currently Being Offered to CRBA Churches:

  • Doubling Baptisms in One Year
  • Disciple-Making Teachers
  • 59 Minute Evangelism Training
  • Every Believer a Witness (5 Sessions)
  • Making Bible Study and Witnessing a Priority
  • Preparation and Presentation of Adult Bible Study
  • Internally Strong & Externally Focused
  • Effective Ministry with a Busy Life
  • Starting Small Groups in a Traditional Church
  • Doubling Your S.S. in 2 Years or Less
  • Being a V.E.L.C.R.O. Church
  • Change Your Church or Die
  • Church Assimilation through Sunday School
  • Becoming the Best Church for the Community
  • Becoming an Acts 1:8 Church
  • Churches Planting Churches
  • Comeback Churches (Learning to be Missional for the Community)
  • The Leadership/Evangelism Connection
  • Creating a Culture of Evangelism
  • The Art of Bible Storying
  • Creative Worship
  • Growing Your Church through VBS
  • 7 Essentials for Growing S.S.
  • A Life on Loan
  • Developing A Plan for My Class to Connect with Each Other and Engage in Missional Living
  • Leading a Child to Christ
  • Preparing for Revival
  • Involving My Class in Outreach
  • Teachers Getting Ready for Sunday

All these ministries/resources are offered free of charge to our CRBA Churches.