Beth Moore Studies
Breaking Free Kit, Leader Guide & Member Book
Esther: It’s Tough Being A Woman Kit, Leader Guide & Member Book
Kit, Leader Guide & Member Book
Stepping Up Kit, Leader Guide & Member Book
A Heart Like His Study Book
David Study Book
Henry Blackaby Materials
Experiencing God Kit, Leader Guide & workbook
Experiencing God (Pre-teens) Kit, Learner book
Experiencing God (Youth) Workbook
Ways of God Workbook
When God Speaks Book
The Student God Uses
Gary Chapman Materials
The Five Love Languages Kit, Viewer Guide
Now You’re Speaking My Language Book
The Love Languages of God Kit & Member Book
Ken Hemphill Materials
EKG Heartbeat of God Kit, Book
Eternal Impact Kit, Book, Workbook
Prayer of Jesus Kit, Book
Ten Best Practices (Sunday School) Book
You Are Gifted Kit, Workbook
Revitalizing the Sunday Morning Dinosaur Book
The Names of God Book
Parenting With Kingdom Purpose Book
Splash Book
God Will Book
But God Book
He Is Book
We Can Book
We Are Book
Making Change Kit, Book
Ed Young, Jr. Materials
Know Fear Kit, Learner Guide
Avery L. Willis, Jr. Materials
Kit, Learner Guide, Book
On Mission With God Book
Life Guide to Discipleship and Doctinre Study Series
Max Lucado Materials
Kit, Workbook
3:16 The Church Experience
James MacDonald Materials
Downpour Kit, Member book
Gripped By The Greatness of God Kit, Learner Guide
Lord, Change My Attitude Kit, Learner Guide, Book
Marriage Materials
The Five Love Languages Gary Chapman Kit, member book
Making Love Last Forever Gary Smalley Book
6 Secrets to Lasting Love Gary & Barbara Rosberg Kit, member book
The Love Dare Stephen & Alex Kendrick Book
I Take Thee to Be My Spouse David Apple Book
Counsel For the Nearly and Newly Married Earnest and James White Book
New Faces In the Frame Dick Dunn Book
Covenant Marriage Lifeway Book
Unlimited Partnership Downer & Ferguson Book
Sexual Issues Materials
Answers to Students Questions About Homosexuality Pam Gibbs Book
Every Man’s Battle Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker Book
Every Young Man’s Battle Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker Book
Every Woman’s Battle Shannon Ethridge Book
Every Young Woman’s Battle S. Ethridge, S. Arterburn Book
The 5 Sex Needs of Men & Women Gary & Barbara Rosberg       Book, DVD
Faithful and True Mark Laaser Book
Women’s Materials
Conversation Peace Mary Kassian Kit, Learner Guide
Having A Mary Heart In A Martha World Joanna Weaver Book
Taking Women’s Ministry To the Next Level Chris Adams Book
Women Reaching Women Chris Adams Book
What  Women Wish Pastors Knew Denise George Book
Lord, I Want to Know You Kay Arthur Book
Sunday School Materials
21 Truths, Traditions and Trends Bill Taylor Book
The Sunday School Director’s Handbook Bob Flegal Book
Ten Best Practices      Ken Hemphill, Bill Taylor Book
Revitalizing the Sunday Morning Dinosaur Ken Hemphill Book
You Can Double Your Class In Two Years or Less Josh Hunt Book
The 5 Step Formula for SS Growth David Francis Book
Training Outreach Workers for the Sunday School T. Frank Smith Book
Ideas For Reaching Adults Richard Dodge Book
How To Set Up and Conduct a Weekly Visitation Progr am     Braden Book
Releasing the Power of the Smaller SS Barry Campbell Book
Involving People in Reaching People Foutch, Shelton Book
Ideas for Reaching Children and their Parents Cosette Baker Book
Unto the Least of These Arthur Burchum Book
Training Potential SS Workers Charles A. Tidwell Book
How to Discover, Enlist, & Train SS Workers James W. Chatham Book
How to Start & Maintain a Weekly Worker’s Meeting Bob Edd Shotwell Book
Ideas for Reaching Youth Metcalf, Fry, Knierim Book
Ideas for Reaching Pre-schoolers & Their Families Jan Norkell Book
Sunday School Manual Wayne Poling Book
Deacon Materials
Deacons: Growing In Character and Commitment
Jim Henry Kit, Learner’s Guide
Deacons:  Partners in Ministry Jim Henry Kit, Learner’s Guide
Help! I’M A Deacon’s Wife Book
Strengthening Deacon Ministry for the 21st Century Church Book
Prayer Materials
Circle Your World With Prayer John Hendrix & Ann Cannon Book
When God’s People Pray Jim Cymbala DVD
Lord, Teach Me To Pray Kay Arthur Kit, Workbook
Disciple’s Prayer Life T. W Hunt, Catherine Walker Book
Pray Timer: Real Time for Real Prayer Study
House of Prayer John Franklin Book
Praying Hyde Basil Miller Book
Evangelism Materials
Faith Evangelism Bobby Welch Kit
Evangelism Explosion D. James Kennedy Book
Share Jesus Without Fear (Student) William Fay, David Bennett Book
Testimonies of Giving Your Faith Away Bobby Welch Book
Kingdom Growth Materials
Total Church Life Darrell Robinson Book
Comeback Churches Ed Stetzer Book
Simple Church Tom Rainer, Eric Geiger Book
The Acts 1:8 Challenge Nate Adams            Leader Guide, Book
Reaching People Under 40 While Keeping People Over 60
Eddie Hammett Book
Personal and Church Finances Materials
Making Change Ken Hemphill            Kit, Book
Managing Your Church Finances…Made Easy J. David Carter Book
Discovering God’s Way Of Handling Money Book
Free and Clear Howard Dayton Book
Take God At His Word Kregg Hood
Escape the Debt Trap Kregg Hood Book
Discipleship Materials
Every Christian a Minister James T. Draper Book
How People Change       Timothy Lane, Paul David Tripp Book
The Power Of Mentoring Martin Sanders Book
The Pursuit:  Knowing Christ Intimately Milt Hughes Book
A Call To Joy Billie Hanks, Jr. Book
A Call To Growth Billie Hanks, Jr. Book
Lasting Investments Kent Humphreys Book
Discipleship Materials, Continued
Strengthening Your Grip Charles Swindoll      Study Manual
Living With Purpose David Ludwig      Study Manual
The Body Life Journey John S. Powers      Study Manual
Transformational Discipleship Sneed, Edgemon Book
Christian Life Materials
Rod Handley Book
Transparent Living Ruth Fowler Book
Love In Action Josh McDowell          Kit, Book
Setting You Free to Make Right Choices
Picking Up The Pieces Series:
Radical Reconciliation Ramon Presson Book
Recovering From Divorce Ramon Presson Book
Redeeming the Tears (Grief) Keck, Colter Book
Finding Freedom from Addictions Colter, Hardy Book
Healing the Heartbreak of Abortion Pat Layton Book
The Secret Seductress (Pornography) Mark Laaser Book
Dealing With Issues In Life Materials
Moving Beyond Your Past Tim Sledge Book
Making Peace with Your Past Tim Sledge Book
A Coming To Terms with Your Divorce Harold Smith Book
A Time For Healing Harold Smith Book
Wise Counsel Drakeford, King Book
Conquering Co-Dependency Pat Springle Book
Untangling Relationships Pat Springle Book
Search For Significance Robert McGee Book
Healing the Wounds Hale Akamine Book
Conquering Eating Dis-Orders Robert McGee Book
Christian Self-Esteem Garland, Chapman Leader Notebook
Breaking the Cycle of Hurtful Family Experiences McGee Book
Shelter From the Storm (Sexual Abuse) Kinetin, Mallory Book
Family and Friends Larry O. Pillow Book
Recovering From the Losses of Life H. Norman Wright Book
Grandparenting By Grace Endicott, Jordan Book
Wellness:  Healthful Aging Porterfield, Dierie Book
Quitting For Good Frances McClain Book
Conquering Chemical Dependency McGee, McCleskey Book
Age Group Materials
Forward Together:  A New Vision for Senior Adult Ministry
Jay Johnston Book
Reaching Single Adults Dennis Franck Book
Student Work Materials
Dwayne C. Ulmer Book
Basic Student Ministry in a Kingdom Focused Church (Student and Collegiate)
How Now Shall We Live?
Colson, Pearcy     VHS, Leaders & Learner’s Guides
Diagnosis Jeff Pratt Leader and Learner Books
Eikon Fortson, Graves Leader and Learner Books
Student Spiritual Gift Inventory Steve Wright, Robyn Cates Book
In Transit Mike Harder Kit, Learner Guide
One Heart Ann Cannon Book
Setting You Free to Make Right Choices Kit, Learner book
Standing Tall When Tempted Timmy Knott Book
The Exchange Joel Engle Kit, Learner book
Student’s Guide to Studying the Bible Tommy Lea, Ann Cannon Book
Tough Sayings Of Jesus Michael Kelley Kit, Learner book
Essential Gear Lifeway Book
Get Uncomfortable Todd Phillips Kit, Book
True Love Waits Series:
God’s Formula For Passionate Living
Matt Tullos, Paul Turner, Kristi Cherry Book
Living Pure Inside Out Bill Hughes Book
Revolutionary Purity James Jackson Book
When True Love Doesn’t Wait D. Tony Rankin, Richard Ross
Ed Young Series:
Character Tour Book
Fatal Distractions Book
First and 10 Fellowship Book
Ignite:  Refining and Purifying Book
Marriage Unveiled Book
Mission Possible Book
Praying for Keeps Book
Recognizing Potential Mates Book
Tri-God: Understanding Trinity Book
Virtuous Reality Fellowship Book
Wired for Worship Book
X Trial Taking Life to Extreme Book
Serendipity Series:
Jesus:  The Final Days, Understanding the Savior Book
Words of Faith:  The New Jerusalem Book
Foundational Truths Book
Keeping Your Cool Book
Discovering God’s Will:  Becoming A Disciple Book
Living By Grace Book
Children’s Materials
I’m A Christian Now Capps, Cook, Sanders, Shaw Kit, student book
TKD:  Count On Me Lifeway       DVD, Leader Guide, Activity book
TKD:  Jesus IMS Lifeway       DVD, Leader Guide, Activity book
TKDP:  In His Hands Lifeway Kit, EZ pack, Activity book
Bible Study Materials
Living God’s Word
A Book by Book Study of the NT Waylon B. Moore Book
Fun OT Bible Studies Rubel Shellfly Book
Joshua Gillespie Book
The Tender Warrior Joseph F. Girzone Book
Love Letters To God’s People David Jeremiah Book
Wisdom From the Proverbs Book
Step By Step Through the OT Barbour Book
Step By Step Through the NT Rich Mitchell Book
Step By Step Through the OT Rich Mitchell Book
Step By Step Through the NT Bailey, Hudson Book
Let The Bible Speak Lea, Hudson Book
Invitation to Youth Bible Study K. Maurice Cooper Book
Karen Dockery Book
Leadership Development Materials
Developing the Leader Within You
The Winning Attitude John C. Maxwell Book
Jesus on Leadership John C. Maxwell Book
C. Gene Wilkes Book
Church Helps
Pastor Search Committee Handbook Lifeway Book
The Baptist Faith and Message Herschel Hobbs Book
Operation Inasmuch David Crocker     Book, DVD
The Southern Baptist Church Growth Plan McCoury, May Book
The Doctrine of the Laity William Stephens Book
Church Helps, Continued
Finding A Way Through Conflict Burton, Oakes Book
Building Communities From the Inside Out Kretzmann Book
Leading Your Church in Long Range Planning
Church Policy Manual Guidebook McDonough Manual
Robert’s Rules of Order Lynn Buzzard Manual
Covenant Ministry Book
Growing Off the Plateau Bruce P. Powers Manual
C. Kirk Hadaway Book
Pastor’s Helps
Drawing the Net
Covenant Ministry O. S. Hawkins Book
Bruce P. Powers Manual
General Books
The Present Future Book
You Can Be a Musician and a Missionary Too Reggie McNeal Book
More Good News For Great Days Renee Kent Book
The Search O. S. Hawkins Book
A Place For Miracles Robert S. McGee Book
Prodigals and Those Who Love Them Michael Blackwell Book
Peace With God Ruth Graham Book
World Aflame Billy Graham Book
Living in the Light of Eternity Billy Graham Book
October Sky Rinehart Book
What if He is What He Says He Is? Homer Hickam Book
The School Of Christ David Jeremiah Book
The Secret of Happiness T. Austin Sparks Book
When Your Rope Breaks Billy Graham Book
Light for My Path Stephen Brown Book
The Ten Offenses James Robertson Book
Turning Hearts Toward Home James Dobson Book
Not the Righteous Jack Odell Book
Christ or the Bible? Paige Patterson Book
Dropping Your Guard Charles Swindoll Book
The Glory of Heaven Homer Lindsay, Jr. Book
High Calling, High Anxiety O. S. Hawkins Book
Ordering Your Private World Gordon MacDonald Book
Create a Safer World WMU Book
Transformed:  Shaped By the Hand of God Stuart Calvert Book
Incredible Moments with the Savior Ken Gire Book
I Believe:  Lyrics of Faith C. R. Gibson Book
Assassins Tim LaHaye Book
Life Support Johnny Jones Book
The C.H.I.L.D. Program Burt Wilbur Book
Today’s Adults C. Ferris Jordan Book
How To Live By Faith In a Secular World Wayne Ozment      Leader Guide
Guidestone’s Ancient Landmarks to Authenticity for the 21st Century
O. S. Hawkins Book
Love Covers Paul Billheimer Book
Beyond the Rat Race Glen Martin Book
Shepherding the Sheep in Smaller Churches Paul W. Powell Book
The Church Today Paul W. Powell Book
Tortured for Christ Richard Wurmbrand Book
Simple Church Rainer/Geiger Book
When God Moves John H. Armstrong Book
Casebook for Youth Ministry William R. Croner Book
Congregational Wellness Robert Perry Book
Be Not Afraid Johann C. Arnold Book
Managing in Turbulent Times Peter Drucker Book
Getting Ready for Sunday’s Sermon Martin Thielen Book
The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Landrum Leavell II Book
Money Talks O. S. Hawkins Book
The Doctrine of Lordship Hamblin/Stephens Book
Revolution in World Missions K. P. Yohannan Book
Pass the Power Please Robert Perry Book
Southern Baptists and the Doctrine of Election Robert B. Selph Book
Getting the Lead Out of Leadership Paul Powell Book
A Woman’s Journey with God Mary Prince Book
Strengths Quest Clifton/Anderson Book
Jesus On Leadership C. Gene Wilkes Book
Pray Timer C. Thomas Wright Book
The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority Adrian Rogers Book
Called To Be Holy Rick Melick Book
Basic Training for Church Planters NAMB Book
Servanthood Evangelism NAMB Book
Christ Empowered Living Selwyn Hughes Book
Inviting Volunteers to Minister John Cionca Book
Getting to Know the Man in the Mirror Patrick M. Morley Book
Praying Your Friend to Christ NAMB Book
In and Not of the World Barrow/Savage Book
Life On The Edge James Dobson Book
The Answer Is the Spirit REO White Book
The Church Inside Out J. C. Hoekendijk Book
Good News for Great Days O. S. Hawkins Book
Big Help for Small Youth Groups Richard Ross Book
Uprising Erwin McManus Book
Culture Shock O. S. Hawkins Book
The Fun Book of Bible Trivia Robyn Martins Book
The Doctrine of Christ Frank Stagg Book
This is Your Time Michael W. Smith Book
Healing the Dysfunctional Church Family David Mains Book
The Divine Comforter J. Dwight Pentecost Book
What the Bible Says About Angels David Jeremiah Book
The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren Book

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