Burkemont Baptist is hosting Bible Drill for all students (1st-12th grade). Every child will have the opportunity to learn bible books, verses, Key Passages, and divisions; Bible book content; Bible history; Bible people; and life application.  Children will use the Bible throughout every part of the meeting.  The hope is to help children have real experiences that lead to a strong personal connection with the Bible.

We are looking forward to having your child as a part of this exciting Bible group.  Bible Drill will start on Sunday, September 18th at 6 pm at Burkemont Baptist Church.  Pastor Luke Lane will lead Bible Study for adults in the sanctuary at the same time.

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Group sessions begin August 2nd and go through to October 25th
Expository Preaching
September 6 – October 4. Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm.

This class covers the creation and delivery of expository sermons. Students learn a process for moving from the biblical passage to the sermon draft. This process includes biblical interpretation, sermon construction, illustrations and applications, and delivery. Anyone interested in preaching biblical sermons, or becoming a better sermon listener, can benefit.

The Pentateuch
October 25 to November 29 (no class on November 8). Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 pm.

This class introduces the first five books of the Bible. Students will learn the literary features, theological themes, interpretive challenges, and main characters of the opening act of God’s story. The focus will be on understanding the message of these books in their relationship to God’s ultimate salvation in Jesus Christ.
Please RSVP for this event by calling 828-437-0137