As a resource for you, the CRBA team has put together an extensive list of creative ministry ideas that you and your church could implement. This list is being added to continually, so please check back often. If you or your church have idea's that have been successful, please feel free to share them with us... your idea may be exactly what another church is looking for!

Creative Holiday Ideas

Free Photos – Enlist a photographer to take free family photos as people arrive at your community’s Easter egg hunt, and send the pictures and information about your church to families via email.

  • Stuffed stockings -Take a cue from Open Air Ministries Philadelphia and partner with other local churches to distribute overflowing stockings to low-income families in your area. Each year, Open Air invites elementary students the church normally reaches—as well as other families in nearby low-income neighborhoods—to attend Christmas stocking outreach.
  • Christmas Tree Giveaways –A few days before Christmas, lot owners are willing to give the trees away. With pickup trucks, deliver them to financially stretched single-parent families.
  • Christmas Tree Collection –Everyone needs to get rid of his or her tree. A few days after Christmas, offer to haul the trees away for the neighborhood.
  • Christmas tree giveaways. Work with a local Christmas tree lot and school to buy and deliver free Christmas trees. Ask the school and your church to recommend families to receive the trees and a decoration box, including lights, ornaments, and a tree topper.
  • Christmas Tea -An outreach event an individual might use is a Christmas Tea given for women and girls.  This can be done more simply than you might imagine, and because so many people are open to friendship and sharing the faith at this time of year, it is even possible to present a non-churchy Gospel presentation in FIVE minutes if your invitation states that someone may be sharing a few inspiring thoughts about the season.  Guests come prepared to share a favorite Christmas memory. Ask a few neighbors to help you and then follow up with an invite to your church’s Christmas Eve service. For neighbors who miss the tea, take a little plate of goodies with your name and phone number and look for future opportunities to impact them. It is so fun to see God work a miracle in a neighborhood.  All he needs is one person who will seek His strategy and do His bidding, whatever simple thing it is.  He will cover any mistakes and pour out unspeakable joy, so make this Christmas count.  It is a strategic one!
  • Global Christmas. Defeat the Christmas spirit of consumerism and host a gift fair featuring presents you can give to various families and communities in need—locally and abroad. Every Christmas, The Shoreline Church of San Clemente, Calif., hosts “Shops at the Shoreline,” featuring a shopping catalog and booths from ministries around the world. The church coordinates efforts with global ministries to prepare the catalog, asking how they can partner with them for the holiday season. More than 20 ministries were represented in 2008. Shoppers can purchase everything from a cow for a family in a Third World country to gifts for local Birth Choice centers. Each year, The Shoreline raises several thousand dollars to support global ministries.
  • Christmas camp. Offer free childcare to your community on Friday and Saturday nights—prime times for company Christmas parties and holiday shopping. Organize a crafts station where children can create homemade gifts for their families and friends.
  • The Joy of Christmas. Help families stretch their holiday dollars by providing food baskets and children’s gifts. For 14 years, St. John’s Episcopal of Wake Forest, N.C., has served families in need with its Joy of Christmas packages. In September, the church provides school guidance counselors registration forms to distribute to families perceived to be in need. The families are encouraged to complete the forms and return them to the church. St. John’s members and guests then coordinate to provide and deliver Christmas gifts for each child in the family, a holiday meal, grocery store gift cards, and pantry items. “Some of these families have a tough time making ends meet or are unable to purchase gifts for all their children,” says coordinator Carolyn Stoklas. “Through this ministry, families who would otherwise be stretched with hardships during Christmas find blessings instead.”
  • Fido-sitting. Encourage people in your church to offer free pet- and house-sitting services to their traveling neighbors.
  • Free firewood. Help cut utility costs and secure permission to give away cords of firewood outside local grocery and home stores, as well as Christmas tree lots.
  • Packages for the troops. Contact the United Service Organizations to send packages to troops serving overseas. Fill each package with necessities and comforts from home: cards and letters of thanks, phone cards, and a Bible.
    Source of the above: Outreach Magazine. Nov. 22, 2015
  • Invite your community to an evening of Christmas movies for the family on a big screen, complete with homemade Christmas snacks.
  • Provide childcare at the church (free of charge) so parents can go Christmas shopping. Be sure to invite the community.
  • Send carolers into the community and be sure to hand out information about your church’s Christmas events.
  • Challenge members to make a dozen homemade cookies at the beginning of December to hand out to neighbors and area businesses with invitations to church.
  • Offer to wrap Christmas gifts (free of charge) at one of the local business. Be sure to have a sign with your church name listed as well as information about your church available.
  • Have your instrumentalists play Christmas carols at the entrance to one of the local businesses. Make sure they have prepared adequately and remember to ask permission of the manager ahead of time.
  • Have a team of rakers rake leaves in a local neighborhood. Be sure you tell the homeowner this was done because you love Jesus and Jesus loves them.
  • Pass out free bags of popcorn to customers leaving a local video rental store. Customize bags with the church’s logo, address, and service times.
  • Give away rolls of tape for gift wrapping outside the post office or a local business. (Get permission first!)

Partner with Your Local Schools/Colleges

High School Sports Party -Decorate one of your large church rooms with a sports theme and invite high school students in for a party after home games. Offer them free food (pizza and snacks), music (a Contemporary Christian Band), and games (Pinball, Ping Pong, Foosball, and video games).

As a summer full of mission opportunities, relaxing vacations, and beet-red shoulders comes to a close, it’s time to jump into the swing of school and some exciting opportunities to engage the mission field of your local campuses.

Here are some ideas for serving your community in the back-to-school season.

Help parents and kids in your community celebrate the new school year by hosting a fun event at your church. Set up stations around your church parking lot or campus—face painting, photo booth, ring toss, cupcake walk, craft table. (Check out Pinterest for more ideas!)

Invite the teachers, coaches, and principals from local schools to be your celebrity guests. Serve hot dogs and cotton candy to give it a real carnival feel.

In this ministry of First Baptist Church, Gray, Georgia, students are separated by age to better facilitate their needs. Each day includes homework time, a snack, and outdoor and indoor play. Occasionally the group takes field trips, and organizers include a Bible study every week. This ministry serves church members but also reaches into the community to families who need help. “There are several families who are just desperate for after-school care for their kids because of financial hardship and jobs,” says After-School Ministry Director Shirley Billue. “They are really so thankful for this program.

Provide baked goods, fruit, snacks, and coffee in the teachers’ lounge of a local school. Write notes of encouragement to the teachers for a great school year.

Ask the principal of the school if you can place a prayer request box in the teachers’ lounge so you can pray for teachers all year. Another idea is to cater lunch on an in-service training day.

Host a tea for moms just after they drop their kids off for school. Seat them by school or child’s grade level for fellowship.

Pray for the moms and the children. Provide a list of church activities and worship times.

Kids invite their school teacher, principal, cafeteria worker, etc., and sit by them in worship. Pray for them during church and honor them with a brief milk and cookies fellowship afterward.

Work with college ministries to organize a college day at your church. Decorate with the school colors, invite and honor college guests, and host a free pizza lunch where students can meet members of your church and leaders of the on-campus Christian groups.

Is your church in a college town? Encourage church families or small groups to “adopt” a student at the beginning of each semester.

Give them a tour of the town and point out popular local spots. Invite them for meals or special holiday celebrations. Students usually appreciate a free meal and a place to do laundry.

  • Never mistake young people as “the future of the church.” They are the church, and we should integrate them into the life of the church now. With that in mind, consider having at least one young person represented in some form of church leadership.
  • Using technology to reach teens is dirt cheap when you compare it to the cost of a building. It takes more time than money and a willingness to apply what you’ve learned about the tools they are using to communicate. Therefore, engage relationally in online environments where youth hang out. We don’t have to compete with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc., but we should use them to connect with teens. Anywhere they are, we should be too.

Church Planting

Below are some ways churches of every size can be involved in church planting:

1. Church Planting Activities -Help a new church with prayer walking, backyard Bible clubs, evangelistic surveys, or Scripture distribution.
2. Sponsor or Co-sponsor -Come alongside a new church with finances, prayer, and friendship.
3. Core Group -You could send members out from your own congregation to help plant a church.
It will take all kinds of churches to reach our area for Jesus. New churches come from the Lord, and they come from you, your church, and your Acts 1:8 partners. Be a part of helping to start a church. You can do it, and CRBA can help

Ideas for Sunday School/Small Groups

As you begin the new upcoming Sunday School year, you might consider a Race to Win high attendance day. Ask classes to set a numerical goal for their class, and then, once you have added those numbers together, you have your high attendance goal for the entire Sunday School. Once you have the goal set and the date established, decorate the classrooms, foyer, and Worship Center four weeks prior to the high attendance day (Victory Sunday).

Decorate the rooms, foyer, and sanctuary with anything racing-oriented. I know of one church who even put a sports car on the platform. Other ideas include putting Go-carts in the foyer and worship center. If you need racing ideas go to

Whatever you do, encourage the folks to bring the lost. You might even want to have a pinewood derby race for the children on the Saturday prior. Sermon ideas include: The Winners Circle, Racing to Win, and Are you in the Race?

  • You can double your class in two years or less. It only takes 40% growth, or an average class going from 10 to 14 in a year to double in two years or less. Yet, the results are amazing. A group that doubles every eighteen months can reach a thousand people in ten years. That is a fact of simple math. The fact is, there is a worldwide movement of God by which this is happening.
  • Parties are one of the best ways I know to grow a class. Here is the formula: invite every member and every prospect to every fellowship every month.

A Sunday School leader had dinner and a movie at their house last Friday night. It was great. They had a Pot-luck dinner at 7:00 and a movie to follow. Curious thing, they didn’t have any new people show up at the party, but they had their all-time high attendance on Sunday. I have seen it happen more times than I can count.

Have you tried it? Why not follow the scriptures that say:

  • Get into the habit of inviting guests home for dinner. Romans 12:13 [Living]
  • Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. 1 Peter 4:9 [NIV]

David Francis, leader of Sunday School for Lifeway, endorses the party-driven approach. For more details, link to the full pdf file at:

Accordion Content

Handout & Giveaway Ideas

Wake Up and Smell the Pura Vida Coffee! A church in Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a great idea-give out pre-packaged coffee grounds to help people get through the time change weekend. They contacted Pura Vida Coffee for individual coffee packets that any church can order for give-away in your community.

  • Pura Vida Coffee 2 oz. coffee packet giveaways The bags come in quantities of 21 per box. If you want to add your own custom labels, Avery Diskette Labels are 2 3/4 square and should work well (Avery Product #08196). For coffee pricing and blend availability, contact Paul at, or visit the website at

Provide free bird feeders and refills to Convalescent Home Residents. Most outreaches to those in convalescent homes will touch their extended family as well. Provide an acrylic bird feeder – the kind with suction cups that stick right to the window. Return occasionally to refill the bird feeder and check in on your adopted elderly friend.

This brings new meaning to the verse from Psalm 51, “I am a worm and not a man.” Those who fish with live bait need worms, grubs, goldfish, minnows, or whatever. Purchase these critters in large quantities from a bait shop, go to the lakes, and give them away.

Jim Burnett, (Pastor Willow Pointe Church of Hattiesburg, Mississippi) tells the story of how their church purchased over 400 mini spiral 60-watt light bulbs and one by one placed them in plastic bags with the church’s logo on the outside and an informational sheet on the inside. Attached to the bulb was a card that said the following:

Jesus is the Light of the World. Just as this bulb will illuminate the dark areas of your home, Jesus brings light and understanding to life. John 8:12-When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
On the back it said:
Jesus Saves. This bulb has the potential to save you $46 a year in energy costs. Jesus promises to save you from your sin and God’s judgment. Romans 6:23 (written out)
Jesus Offers Eternal Life. This bulb has a life expectancy of nine years or 10,000 hours. Jesus desires to give you eternal life, which never ends. 1 John 5:13 (written out)

As these were distributed in pairs of two a two-question survey was conducted.

  1. Are you currently involved in a local church?
  2. Do you have any specific needs in your life for which we can pray with you?

The results were exciting, with 23 prospective families located who are now being prayed for and contacted.
I encourage you to give this creative and practical outreach effort a try.

by Charles R. Hughes

Ours is the tiniest church in town, with 75 seats in the auditorium, and the small house next door is our office and education space. We faithfully support missions around the world, but we wondered how our church could reach those in our community who need Christ. That’s when we started giving away free hot chocolate.

Every Friday night starting at 5:30, we walk through our neighborhood, talking with the people we meet and offering cups of cocoa. (We call it FEET, Friday Evening Evangelism Training.)

A freshman ministerial student leads out, taking a few young people with him. Those we meet on the streets, we ask to take an opinion survey.

  • In your opinion, as we seek to build ministry in this neighborhood, should we focus on children, youth, adults, or seniors?
  • In your opinion, why do some in our community not attend church?
  • In your opinion, what does it take for one to enter heaven?
  • May I share with you how I came to know for certain if I were to die I would go to heaven?

Using a brochure, we share a five-point gospel presentation based on the acrostic TRUTH. We also invite them to church and ask if we may send a postcard after our talk. That starts several follow-up contacts. Follow-up is the key.

C.J. and Michael came to church wearing rings in their ears, noses, eyebrows, lips, and tongues. They stayed after the service to talk with Ricky, who first offered them free hot chocolate, and with Wayne, a drywall contractor. While church members prayed in another room, C.J. and Michael asked questions and later professed their faith in Christ. Soon they were baptized.

Friday night is not usually the time to plan recurring ministry, but it works in our community. Our church has grown from 30 to 40, including young men like C.J. and Michael, who have joined in sharing cocoa and the gospel.

Since 9/11, the general public has been aware of the tremendous job that they do for us day in and day out. Show them a little kindness by providing some steaks, burgers and.or all the sides. Let them know in advance that you are coming so they can prepare. Invite them to church and offer to supply them with Bibles.

It is hot outside, and everyone loves a cold treat. Check out your association’s snow cone machine and offer free snow cones to the community. Set up in a park or even outside a place of business (ask permission first) and offer free snow cones to all who pass by. Be sure to give them printed information about your church and invite them to worship with you the following Sunday.

Summers are a great time for outdoor types of ministries. One great idea is for your bible study class or church group to handout free popsicles to those in outdoor spaces such as a park or sporting event. Be sure to include an invite card inviting everyone to your church the following Sunday.

It is pretty common for pastors and staff to carry business cards they can share with people in the community. Many outward focused churches carry it a step further and provide cards for every church member to use to invite people to church. These “invite” cards can be as simple as the church name with its website, phone number, and service times printed on it. Some will event list bible verses (the Roman Road) on the back. They can be printed very cheaply, making it affordable for every church.

Other Events

Set up targets onto plywood sheets and host a tournament where you invite folks outside of your church to participate.
1. Get supplies (plywood, targets, scorecards, axes, and/or hatchets)
2. Make sure to set a “safety zone” keeping participants and bystanders safe
3. DON’T CHARGE!!! This is not to be a fundraiser (for any purpose). It is a fun activity to draw the yet-to-be-reached for Christ.
4. Purchase inexpensive prizes like coffee mugs with your church name and logo
5. Present the Gospel and give folks the opportunity to respond
6. Invite everyone to come back on Sunday for service.

Host a bike rodeo to equip young riders with the best lessons for sharpening their bike safety as well as to reach out to the community. Here’s how: 

  • Hold the event at the church parking lot or playground.
  • Create a “street” with chalk or spray paint lines (if on grass) that kids can ride around and mini traffic signs to teach the rules of the road ………stopping, swerving, braking, and more.
  • Help kids master balance in a snail race to be the last to cross the finish line.
  • Test bike control by having riders weave around cones set in a slalom pattern.
  • Emphasize the importance of helmets with a helmet fitting station.
  • Teach hand signals and enforce traffic laws.
  • Get kids interested in bike maintenance with an “inspection station” where bike mechanics check seat height, brakes, tire pressure, chains, and more.
  • Reward participants’ hard work by handing out certificates.
  • Have prayer and a short devotion and hand out gospel tracts (designed for children) and possible new testaments.

Consider having a fun summer music camp for the children in your county and surrounding area. Churches having done this have seen many conversions, reaching families who normally would not attend any church. The one-week, M-F schedule is as follows:

9 a.m.   -Silly (fun) songs with the children
9:10     -Begin working on the musical you will present on Sunday evening
10:00   -Snack Break and Bathroom
10:20   -Small groups and drama rehearsal
11:00   -Large group rehearsal
12:00   -Lunch (sack lunch provided by each family)
12:30   -Leave for afternoon activities such as bowling, skating, nature preserves, parks…
3:00     -Return to church and parents pick up children

This is a wonderful outreach event that your community will embrace and greatly support. The goal is to have the children perform a musical drama on Sunday evening with only one week’s rehearsal. It sounds crazy, but I know it works!

Mobilize your congregation to wash cars for community residents. Set up car wash stations
on your church property and stage members at each location. Designate church members to
hold “Free Car Wash” signs alongside the road to attract passing vehicles and to direct traffic
to the stations. Have church members engage car owners to present the gospel as other
church members wash their cars. Again, you could also set up a prayer booth where your
equipped members can both pray and share the gospel.

Plan for a 3-on-3 on a half-court, so you only need one full basketball court and four
volunteer referees (two assigned to each half of the court) from your church membership
to execute the tournament. Invite the community to submit teams to develop 8 to 16
teams. Create a bracket from the proposed teams. Plan to give a nice award to the winners.
Schedule breaks during games to present the gospel and invite people to respond.

For churches located near water (ocean, lake, pond), a fishing tournament is a good
option. Plan a contest where individuals or teams compete for prizes by catching the most
significant weight of fish in a specific amount of time. Invite the community to sign-up. Set
aside time during the tournament to present the gospel, perhaps during the presentation of
the prizes.

Invite men from your community to a complimentary breakfast at your church. Include some
giveaways and arrange for a male communicator to present the gospel and invite them to

Invite women from your community to a free tea party at your church where they also do a
craft together. Arrange for a woman communicator to present the gospel and invite them to

Invite senior adults from your community to a free luncheon at your church to play games
(bingo, Scrabble, name that tune, etc.). Arrange for a senior adult communicator to present
the gospel and invite them to respond.

Buy some hamburgers and hot dogs and throw them on the grill. Appoint church members
to hold “Free Hot Dogs” and “Free Hamburger” signs alongside the road to attract people
in the area and others to direct traffic to the parking lot and lunch pick-up stations. Set up a
prayer booth with equipped church members to pray and present the gospel.

Invite people from the community to participate in a food competition at your church. The
competition could be on a popular meal from your context (e.g., gumbo in Louisiana or
crabcakes in Maryland). You could do two contests to include a main course and a dessert
with simultaneous baking and barbecuing contests. Select members from your church to
serve as judges and provide a prize for the winner. Also, be sure to set aside time to present
the gospel and give people the opportunity to respond.

Bless the young couples in your community by providing free care for their children for a
few hours while they go out on the town for a date. Mobilize the people within your church
with a heart for children to provide this service and invite couples to sign up. Make sure your
volunteers are background checked and trained and communicate this to parents. Plan an evening of food, fun-filled games for the kids and a gospel presentation. You could have the
parents report back just before dismissal so they can also hear the gospel presentation.

Bless the single parents in your community by offering free care for their children for a few hours while they run errands, rest or just relax. You could even provide some free services at your church (necessities and a meal). Mobilize the folks within your congregation who have a heart for children to watch the kids and then invite single parents to register. Make sure your volunteers are background checked and trained and communicate this to parents. Plan to feed, have some fun with the kids and share the hope of the gospel. You could have the parents report back before dismissal to hear the gospel.

Arrange for a prenatal care practitioner to offer a class to expectant moms and dads on the best practices for a successful pregnancy, labor and delivery and newborn care. Invite the community to attend and set aside time during the class to present the gospel and allow them to respond

Arrange for a self-defense specialist to offer a class on the skills, strategies and physical techniques to help people within your community successfully escape, resist and survive possible violent attacks. Invite the community to attend and set aside time during the show to present the gospel and allow them to respond.

Depending on the needs within your community, you could offer a seminar on marriage, parenting, grandparenting, grief, finances, etc. You could schedule an expert with a Christian worldview to speak on one or more of these relevant topics to help the residents within your community. Invite the community to attend. Set aside time during the seminar to present the gospel and allow them to respond.

Arrange for a career counselor to offer a seminar on writing a resume and how to prepare to have an effective job interview. Invite people from your community to attend and set aside time during the seminar to present the gospel. Provide refreshments and allow people to respond.

Invite people from the community to participate in painting, drawing, ceramics, etc. Provide all the materials along with light food and refreshments. Set aside time during the day to present the gospel and invite people to respond.

Invite people from the community to a beginner class on knitting, quilting or crocheting. You may already have some people in your church skilled in these areas to volunteer and serve as instructors. Set aside time during the workshop to present the gospel and invite people to respond.

Arrange for dietitians, physical trainers and health professionals to offer health education and resources to help the residents within your community adopt a healthy lifestyle. You may have some professionals within your church who would be willing to help with this initiative. Invite people from the community to attend and set aside time during the health fair to present the gospel and allow them to respond.

Arrange for health professionals (i.e., eye doctors, dentists, medical doctors, etc.) to do pro bono health screenings for the community at your church. Maybe you have some health professionals in your congregation willing to offer this service. Invite people residents from your community to attend, and plan to present the gospel at the check-in or checkout point or a prayer booth.

Invite the first responders (i.e., law enforcement, fire personnel, etc.) in your community for a special appreciation meal at your church. Arrange for a Christian first responder or hospital chaplain to speak, present the gospel and allow participants to respond.

Other Creative Ideas

Many times it’s difficult to find practical ways to be a blessing in your workplace. Recently, Josh Reeves posted some very practical ideas for blessing others in the workplace:

1. Instead of eating lunch alone, intentionally eat with other co-workers and learn their story.

2. Get to work early so you can spend some time praying for your co-workers and the day ahead.

3. Make it a daily priority to speak or write encouragement when someone does good work.

4. Bring extra snacks when you make your lunch to give away to others.

5. Bring breakfast (donuts, burritos, cereal, etc.) once a month for everyone in your department.

6. Organize a running/walking group before or after work.

7. Have your missional community/small group (Sunday School Class) bring lunch to your workplace once a month.

8. Make a list of your co-worker’s birthdays and find a way to bless everyone on their birthday.

9. Make every effort to avoid gossip in the office. Be a voice of thanksgiving not complaining.

10. Offer to throw a shower for a co-worker who is having a baby.

11. Start a regular lunch out with co-workers (don’t be selective on the invites).

12. Organize a weekly/monthly potluck to make lunch a bit more exciting.

13. Ask someone who others typically ignore if you can grab them a soda/coffee while you’re out.

14. Be the first person to greet and welcome new people.

15. Make every effort to know the names of co-workers and clients along with their families.

16. Visit coworkers when they are in the hospital.

17. Bring sodas or work-appropriate drinks to keep in your break room for coworkers to enjoy. Know what your co-workers like.

18. Go out of your way to talk to your janitors and cleaning people who most people overlook.

19. Find out your co-worker’s favorite music and make a playlist that includes as much as you can (if suitable for work).

20. Invite your co-workers to the service projects you are already involved in.

21. Start/join a city league team with your co-workers.

22. Organize a weekly co-working group for local entrepreneurs at a local coffee shop.

23. Start a small business that will bless your community and create space for mission work.

24. Work hard to reconcile co-workers who are fighting with one another.

25. Keep small candy, gum, or little snacks around to offer to others during a long day.

26. Lead the charge in organizing others to help co-workers in need.

If your church is a polling place or is near one you might consider the following:

  1. Provide free coffee to voters from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  2. Offer to help with parking issues by directing traffic.
  3. Have men and women available to escort folks into the building with umbrellas if it begins to rain.
  4. Provide breakfast, (and/or) lunch, (and/or) supper for poll workers at no cost.

If you do any or all of these, you will be surprised how it will bless the community. Remember, this is not a time where you tell folks who to vote for. It is, however, a time to show kindness in the name of Jesus!

As you begin the new upcoming Sunday School year, you might consider a Race to Win high attendance day. Ask classes to set a numerical goal for their class, and then, once you have added those numbers together, you have your high attendance goal for the entire Sunday School. Once you have the goal set and the date established, decorate the classrooms, foyer, and Worship Center four weeks prior to the high attendance day (Victory Sunday).

Decorate the rooms, foyer, and sanctuary with anything racing-oriented. I know of one church who even put a sports car on the platform. Other ideas include putting Go-carts in the foyer and worship center. If you need racing ideas go to

Whatever you do, encourage the folks to bring the lost. You might even want to have a pinewood derby race for the children on the Saturday prior. Sermon ideas include: The Winners Circle, Racing to Win, and Are you in the Race?

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